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About Us

who are we?

The Eastwood church of Christ is a spiritual community bound together by the Blood of Jesus and a common mission to lift up Christ in our local and global communities.      . . . learn more

what is our history?

Every church begins as a dream planted by God in the hearts and minds of people. Out of such hearts and minds, Eastwood church of Christ became a reality in March of 1988.            . . . learn more 

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At the Eastwood church of Christ, we believe that

God has cast a vision among us of service and mission.  Will you pray for us?  Will you

join us?              . . . learn more

what is God's vision for us?

Our God-given mission at the Eastwood church of Christ is to provide spiritual, relational, and physical needs to our commuity in the name of Jesus                 . . . learn more 

what is our mission?

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