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Ministry & Missions

At the Eastwood church of Christ, we believe that

God has cast a vision among us of service and mission.  Will you pray for us?  Will you

join us?              . . . learn more

God's vision

for us

our global outreach

We currently have three ministries at Eastwood that are uniquely equipped to help us fulfill our mission statement in our local community. . .

CAN-teen           Family Seekers           Lighthouse Seekers

our local outreach

our mission

Our God-given mission at the Eastwood church of Christ is to provide spiritual, relational, and physical needs to our commuity in the name of Jesus.                 . . . learn more 

We believe that our community includes our brothers and sisters next door as well as around the world--So our outreach plan involves local and global initiatives.                    . . . learn more 

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