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What to expect 

our worship assembly 

Our worship assembly at the Eastwood church of Christ is inimate and casual.  It typically consists of a cappella singing, prayer, and a lesson from God's Word. Central to our worship assembly each Sunday is a communion that comemorates the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins, which we celebrate by sharing unleavened bread and fruit of the vine.  This communion is open to all.   Following this "Lord's Supper,"  we reserve a time to thank God for our blesings and give of our means in accordance with how God has blessed us.  This is a free-will offering for anyone that desires to give.

current sermon theme 

The sermons on Sunday morning are developed around a theme that is refreshed every six months. The purpose of our Sunday morning lessons is to equip us as individuals and as a congregation to walk the path of service and devotion that God is showing us.  

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